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Cryptic Plasm trailer. 



New pictures from Cryptic Plasm


Morbid Vision Films is almost finished filming our new movie called CRYPTIC PLASM. Production has had a few delays due to a couple of actresses that decided not to show up. But we are very close to finishing filming and editing is going well. 

The story is about David Gates, a cryptozoologist  who is hired to film his investigations. One of them being a mysterious town where all of it's inhabitants have vanished without a trace. David uncovers far more than he anticipated and puts his own life at risk.  Afterwards David begins to feel the bizarre effects from the town within his own biology. Mean while he is sent by his investor to film an exorcism.  Something that is completely outside of his expertise. Already suffering from unnatural symptoms, David, who is now reluctantly in the presence of pure evil, fears that multiple inhuman forces are tearing him apart from inside. 

Images from Cryptic Plasm



FETUS was oficially released in Japan by JVD in June. And they appear to have renamed it Hard Splasher! 



We apologize for the missing links to the Fetus and At Dawn They Sleep trailers. They have been banned from Youtube once again. 


BloodPigs won "Goriest movie of 2010" in Rue Morgue magazines RIP to 2010 readers poll. BloodPigs is also featured in The Gore-Met column of the March 2010 issue of Rue Morgue. 

Nov. 15th 2010. Special note about BloodPigs dvd.

To try to obtain the most professional looking picture possible, We shot BloodPigs 24p,  24 frames per second which simulates the look of shooting on film. Unfortunately I recently learned that 24p has a problem with fast motion that causes a strobing effect. This is seen the most during a sword fight that happens around the 12 minute mark. Certain tv's seem to display it worse than others. We apologize for any inconvenience to your watching experience. 


rThere are new behind the scenes photos of both BloodPigs and Fetus in the Photo Gallery. 





BloodPigs photos










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