About Morbid Vision Films

  Brian Paulin

Director, writer, producer, actor, editor, special make-up effects, music composer

  Rich George

Stunt performer, producer, actor, writer, set construction, pyrotechnics

January 1st 2007

I thought I should update this with thoughts on how we feel now seven years after this website was created. Morbid Vision Films seems to have found it's niche in this industry. The film industry is a vast universe where many films and people get lost and never heard from again. We never claim to be professionals and are not trying to win an oscar and even win an award for best picture at some film festival. While many filmmakers seem to strive for being regarded as the most intelligent screen writer and making the most pretentious, self important films possible, hoping to gain respect from the peers they want to rub egos with so badly...we could care less about any of that. We are hardcore horror fans and we make gore films. Plain and simple. We have found our audience and we know the crowd that we aim to please. The hardcore horror fans that love extreme underground horror films. 

Of course we would love to entertain everyone in this world and have everyone love our films. But that is not going to happen. The mainstream seem like they would rather sit there and tell underground horror people how they should make a film and that their kids can do a better job in their back yards. What ever. They can keep talking and accomplish nothing with their lives and pretend their opinions actually matter. We are doing what we love to do and that is make extreme horror films.

Morbid Vision Films is making horror films that we enjoy and hope have the feel of the gory classics from the 80's that we grew up with. We are enjoying making the goriest films possible and that is what is gaining us attention and respect from fellow horror fans. We promise that we will continue to make films for the underground horror fans and to create some of the most outrageous gore films we possibly can. We are not doing this until something better comes along, or as a stepping stone to break into the film industry. We will not compromise our vision or turn our back on our core audience for an opportunity to shoot on film or work for a studio. Or let a studio gut one of our films, taking it away from the core fans so we can get it into the mainstream. Money isn't everything. Respect from our fans is!

Thank you to everyone that has supported us!

Brian Paulin / Morbid Vision Films January 2007



Original writing July 2000..........This whole entity that now dominates at least 16 hours of my waking thoughts every day started back in 1988. One day I rented a video called Scream Greats vol. 1- Tom Savini. I was blown away by what I saw and the obsession began. Tom Savini's work and creations fascinated me and I began acquiring every bit of information I could find on special make-up effects. Once I began creating my own make-ups, I quickly became unsatisfied with just taking still photographs, then removing hours of work.

That's when my friend Rich bought a vhs video camera and we began shooting short horror movies. But instead of just making up stuff to shoot around the gore effects, we came up with stylish horror stories right from the start. Although completely amateur, our first 10min. movie contained a full demon make-up and a radio controlled demon growing from a girl's back. That was made in August of 1990. Since then we have shot 12 movies of various lengths and genres.

The first naive attempt at making a real movie was in 1994 with our movie Reap of Evil, which took us three years to complete. It was shot on vhs with horrible acting and editing and was reviewed (trashed) in Alternative Cinema #4. That's when I woke up and began to study what creates drama and how to tell a better story.

Oddly enough, our first movie to be picked up for distribution wasn't even a horror film. Back in 1995, inspired by Pulp Fiction and the films of John Woo, ( all far more entertaining than any horror being released at that time) we made a crime drama/action movie just for fun, and as a chance to write a script that was dialog driven. After seeing an add for E.I. Independent Cinema stating " send us your movie" I figured , what the hell. Five months later I received a call from E.I. saying they were interested in distributing the movie! This call came during the same week I was working as an extra in Steven Spielberg's Amistad ! What a week!

So after that E.I. asked if we could make a vampire action film and of course I excepted the offer, which became our first official production. So that's basically the story of Morbid Vision Films. We are now shooting and editing on digital video and strive to get bigger and better with every movie. Our goal is to make  movies that horror fans will enjoy and talk about.

Brian Paulin/Morbid Vision Films

July13 2000

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