At Dawn They Sleep

"A freight train of a movie aimed straight between the eyes"

Rue Morgue Magazine



"An outrageous mix of extreme horror and over the top action"

Tom Savini, Director of Night of the Living Dead 1990



                      Stephen and Ian are ruthless drug lords who are in the middle of a war with their rival Billy Rae Douglas. One night Stephen and Ian escort two girls home with them whom actually seem to be stranger than they are. The next morning they wake up and the girls are gone and Stephen and Ian are not feeling so well and soon find out their lives have been changed forever.

They  find out that the girls were actually Angels that infected them with a vampire type virus. In exchange for immortality, Stephen and Ian along with the other hordes of Vampires, are to kill off the human race so that the Angels can take back what should have been theirs. The Vampires begin their slaughter until the Demon world steps in to put an end to the Angel's plans, for the Demons are satisfied with the way the three worlds co-exists.


AT DAWN THEY SLEEP brings the vampire genre into new realms in this violent, action packed gore fest!

Production notes: Filming began on July 3rd 1997 and wrapped in August 1998. Having been shot on digital video the movie had to edited digitally to retain it's quality. Unfortunately my friend Eli who hooked me up with the digital format, was unable to continue editing after just 10 mins. were completed due to work schedules. So I was faced with the problem of, if you want your movie finished, you have to do it yourself. So I removed a large sum of money from my savings and Eli built me a computer to house the editing system. Then I had to learn from scratch how to do non-linear editing in the computer. Five months later I mailed E.I. the vampire / action film they had asked me to make.


Eventually, while online, I built up the nerve to ask horror legend Tom Savini if he would take a look at the movie and consider giving us a quote for the video box. He watched it and gave me what will probably be the best compliments of my life. He gave the movie the excellent quote printed above. That was a dream come true. 


Since originally starting this website the movie has gone on to sell a couple of thousand copies and has been picked up for distribution in large retain chains such as FYE and Coconuts as well as being sold on and 

AT DAWN THEY SLEEP is the movie that has put Morbid Vision Films on the map thanks to E.I. pushing the sales. Many thanks to everyone that has supported us and purchased a copy of At Dawn. 


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