"The bloodiest zombie film since Peter Jackson's Brain Dead (aka Dead/Alive)" Steve "Uncle Creepy" Barton - The Horror Channel


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Bone Sickness is the story of a women caring for her terminally ill husband who is dying from a degenerative bone disease. With no cure available, with a help of a friend she turns to an alternative form of medicine. One that angers the dead. 

Here is a review taken with thanks, from Unspeakablemag.com by Gordo Loving.

Bone Sickness is hands down the best independent splatter movie I have ever seen. Yes, itís that good.

Bone Sickess starts off with the way most horror fans want. We get to see someone slaughtered with an axe to the head. We get to see a bunch of blood fly, but wait! We see a gaping nasty hole in the victims head gushing out the ol' crimson. From that moment on, I knew Brian Paulin wasn't going to cheat his audience out of hardcore splatter, but one look at the effect and you knew this wasn't another backyard horror production. Maybe the budget was micro, but he proves with some actual filmmaking skill, a little money can go along way.

The story is about a woman caring for her terminally ill husband who is suffering from a degenerative bone disease. With no cure she turns to an alternative medicine. One that angers the dead. Just from reading that it might seem like another 'zombie flick', but Paulin takes time to build characters. All the actors and actresses do a very competent job. Of course, Ruby LaRocca will have one of my love children, so I am biased to anything she is in. She's hotter than Satan's armpit, and can actually act! Hot Damn!

Once again, I must say, the gore hounds will have to wait before the zombie action kicks in, but you won't be fast forwarding. The story unfolds at lightning pace and before you know it, you'll be enjoying some tasty snacks such as gut munching galore, arterial sprays straight out of a Lone Wolf and Cub film, nasty bites, heads torn off, arms cut off, buzz saw action and much, much more. Yes, the gore freaks like myself will be having a goregasm left and right.

And the last fifteen minutes of film are unlike anything you will see in a micro budget film. Fire stunts, car crashes (with people I might add), and much more production quality than any fan could ask for, Bone Sickness delivers the true Italian (and by that I mean quality DEAD zombies, no pizza faced losers here) style zombie action.



"The zombie climax has to be seen to be believed. It's 30+ minutes of total zombie carnage that rivals any classic Romero gut-muncher." Allen Richards, b-independent.com 

"All in all, BONE SICKNESS is one of the goriest zombie films that have been made recently with great acting, very creepy settings and awesome special effects. If you are a zombie fan, then check out BONE SICKNESS. I highly recommend it." - The Gates of Gore






Morbid Vision Films began production on their first Living Dead film on April 14th, 2002. This movie is a return to the style of At Dawn They Sleep, containing complex story telling with over the top action sequences, and extreme gore. This is a zombie film in the style of Lucio Fulci's walking dead. Slow, plodding and dusty and mostly rotten, having risen from the grave. Although once they sink their teeth into human flesh and the blood begins to spill, they become vicious. 

And one very important aspect of this movie I made a point to stick by. Every zombie in this movie is a full head prosthetic special make-up appliance. There are no pasty-faced teenage looking zombies in this movie!  




Morbid Vision Films

Bone Sickness


 Darya Zabinski   Ruby LaRocca   Rich George  Kevin Barbare   Ernest Hutcherson

Special make-up effects by Brian Paulin

Produced by Brian Paulin & Rich George

Written and Directed by Brian Paulin


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