The following is a list of the movies Morbid Vision Films as made since 1990. We started as a hobby, but with a serious intent. Armed with only a VHS camcorder, we tried our best to create serious, entertaining, and horrific movies. This is the way it was until 1996 when I bought better equipment and began to realize what it was going to take to be taken seriously and make a marketable movie. 


1990, 10mins, vhs 

A short story about a girl who tries invoke a demon to do her bidding. The story begins after the girl was frightened out of the protection circle and now the demon has her to do with what he will. 

This movie was simply made because Rich and I knew we wanted to make movies, but we did not have the money for a camera since we had just graduated high school. The movie was made to prove that we were serious about movie making, then Rich would be loaned the money to buy his own camera. Since this list continues, you'll see that we proved ourselves. 


The Demon and a torn open back from Sacrificial Birth



1990, 30mins, vhs

A thirty minute journey into a man's nightmare. He becomes lost in the woods and spirits and demons torment him and show him horrible things in the dark. 

This was probably one of the most fun experiences we had making a movie. It was mostly just Rich and I setting up lights in the woods at night and filming him running around seeing horrible things, and inviting friends to play dead. No worries about distribution or anything, Just having fun making a movie. 


Rich finds himself disemboweled 


1991, 15mins, vhs

A family of shape shifters tries to change with the times and keep their secret hidden while the younger ones want to follow in the elders ways and feed on humans. 

This movie has an strange story to it. It was made as a favor to an ex-girlfriend who had a school project in which they had to make a short horror or sci-fi movie. Well she just happened to be going out with someone that makes horror movies so we made this and put her group in as the characters and pretended that they filmed the movie. The oddest thing was that they went to a catholic school! You can imagine some of the things I wanted to put in this, but I behaved. 


Two of the shape shifters dieing 


1991, 40mins, vhs, written and directed by Rich George

Friends tell stories of the tormented man living out in the woods and dare each other to go out and see if they can see him. Unfortunately for them they are successful. 

This movie was Rich's first time stepping behind the camera. He simply wanted to make an over the top slasher gore fest. And thats exactly what it was. One brutal killing after another. This was the first time we had to re-write part of a story due to a lazy lead actor blowing us off once they found out how much work was involved. It wouldn't be the last time either, but as always, the movie turned out better once they were gone. 


The killer from Dementia


1992, 15mins,  b&w, vhs

A psychological journey into the unraveling mind of a serial killer as he begins to loose control.

This idea just popped into my head one day and I decided to make an experimental short that showed a killer falling apart. You never see his face in the movie. His face manages to stay just off camera as he kills. I entered this movie into a Sony contest. Some of the judges were Francis Ford Coppola, Tim Allen, and Kathleen Kennedy! I lost by the way. This is the one movie that people have asked me to re-make someday. 


1992, 15mins, vhs

A man is obssessed with trying to contact spirits through empty channel air waves. As he fails to make contact he finds new electrical outlets to plug himself into until he destroys himself. 

I found this cool little camera trick you can do with a vhs camera which involves aiming it at the tv and filming itself into infinity. You can manipulate the shapes it makes by moving the camera around. So I wrote a story around this crap. Later I saw Tetsuo The Iron Man and it had some of the same type of scenes in it (light years superior of course) and I thought everyone would think I ripped it off, but I hadn't even see it yet. This was entered in the Sony contest the following year. I lost by the way. This movie was reviewed in an issue of Film Threat Video Guide. 


actors eye falls out, grows legs and walks away. Camera / tv image actor sees


1992, 60mins, vhs

A group of friends get together to have a party. During the party the owner of the house reveals the dark history of the house. A son killed his mother then hung himself out in the barn. They use a oujia board to contact the woman and they find out she is buried out back on the farm, so they go out to dig her up of course, and of course she rises from the dead. 

Yeah the movie is dumb as hell, but again, it was one of the most fun experiences we had making a movie. Friends getting together and making a movie over the summer. One interesting note is that in the house we filmed, there really was a guy who killed his daughter in the living room, then hung himself in the barn. And during the oujia scenes we were actually, supposedly talking to the spirit of the man. Seriously... we had some very eerie results with the board in that house. I miss hanging out there. This movie was also reviewed in an issue of Film Threat Video Guide. (what was I thinking?)


The walking corpse of the Havester


1994, 108mins, vhs, three long years to make

The evil and hatred of man kind has swelled to the boiling point and has rotted away at the seal to hell. The demon world time their rise and then reap chaos onto the earth. 

Aside from the horrible acting, bad editing, and bad story telling, this movie holds a place in my heart. It is probably the biggest and most ambitious movie we have ever made. The last quarter of the movie takes place in hell, and we actually pulled it off. This is also the first movie to officially display the name MORBID VISION FILMS in the title sequence. This is the longest movie we have made yet and contains the most effects I have ever put into one movie. Many different full body demons, miniature sets, pyro, stop motion, ect. We went all out on this damn thing. The only problem was that I still didn't really know what I was doing yet, and I was still shooting on crappy vhs. This movie was the learning tool for me and made me realize what had to be done. There is a very insulting review of Reap in Alternative Cinema #4. But this review is what woke me up and made me study what makes better story telling. 


Demons in hell


1995, 90mins, vhs, written and directed by Rich George

The story of a drunk loser who treats everyone, including his girlfriend like crap. One night after being thrown out of a party by his friends, he hits a man with his car a kills him. In a panic he stuffs the body in the trunk and goes home to continue drinking. Then the dead mans takes revenge. 

After Reap of Evil, I wasn't sure what I wanted to film next. Then this idea came up in a conversation. This was actually the first story Rich and I came up with back before we made Sacrificial Birth. Rich had come up with an idea of a ghost coming back after being hit by a car. But we realized that we weren't ready for that story then.I asked him if he wanted to do it and said he should direct it. So he took the original notes we wrote down many years before and he wrote the script and directed his second movie. 


body in refrigerator, and splattered body on road


1996, 70mins, HI-8, Re-titled to Kill Me Slowly by E.I. for distribution

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Kill Me Slowly


1999, 80mins, DV

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At Dawn They Sleep


2000, 80mins, DV

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Dead Girl on Film


2001, 45mins, DV

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Mummy Raider


2004 104mins, DV

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Bone Sickness


2008 75mins, DV


2010 85mins, DV

Cryptic Plasm




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