Dead Girl on Film


Jimmy, Max, and Bill wanted to make some quick money so they took what little money they did have and put it towards making some S&M films. Having absolutely no idea what the hell they were doing, their contact that agreed to sells some of their videos tells the three to get lost. 

Jimmy begins to see that he has gotten himself into a bad situation, having let Max and Bill talk him into spending his money on a video camera,( money he didn't really have) he now has to tell his abusive girlfriend that nobody wants the movies. The movies he promised her she could star in, but never did.

Max begins to sink deeper into the underground society and is offered a large sum of money to shoot a certain type of movie. A snuff film. Not letting anything ruin this opportunity for him, he forces Jimmy at gun point to shoot the snuff film, then Jimmy's life begins to fall apart.

Once Max gets his money, strange things begin to happen and anyone in contact with the snuff film is slaughtered. Jimmy becomes haunted by horrible images and DEAD GIRL ON FILM spirals into a supernatural gorefest.


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Production Notes:   This movie almost never happened 3 times. I first came up with the idea for a snuff / ghost story movie back in 1995, back when we were making Rich's movie One for the Road. I filmed one shot while we were borrowing a fog machine at the time of ghostly figures standing in the fog. Once we finished Rich's movie, I filmed the opening scene for the snuff / ghost movie, went home and watched the footage and saw how bad it sucked. Then I realized that there was no story there. So I gave up.  It just didn't click. Then about three years later during production of At Dawn They Sleep, the idea kept bugging me again.  I still wanted to try it. I tossed around some ideas with someone I worked with that was interested, but it still didn't click. There was still no story.


Once At Dawn They Sleep was completely done and out of my hands, I wanted to do another movie right away. Something small to get out quick. But of course it had to still be good. That damn idea of the snuff / ghost story would not go away. So I mentioned it to someone that played a small part in At Dawn and he really wanted to do it and convinced me to make it. Then I finally came up with a workable story. 

Then the movie was almost thrown away for the third time because the person playing the lead role, the same person that convinced me to make the movie because he liked the idea so much, blew off the whole production after only two night of filming! The thing is , in those two nights we got about 15 minutes of establishing footage of him as the main character interacting with other characters. Some of these performances I did not want to lose. So now here I am stuck with some footage and I lost the main character.  So Rich and I threw ideas back and forth and we came up with a better story that now had Jimmy, the spineless hero as the main character.

I would like to take this moment to thank the person who thoughtlessly screwed us over. It was the best thing  for the movie.


 DEAD GIRL ON FILM is distributed by SubRosa Studios in New York. You can order the movie on their website  A special edition dvd is coming out in the fall. It will contain allot of extras including a running commentary by Brian Paulin and Rich George, along with behind the scenes footage, bloopers, and interviews. 


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